TechFest is sponsored by the Gwinnett Amateur Radio Society (GARS).

GARS typically hosts its annual TechFest in January. In recent years we have invited regional radio groups to participate by setting up a table with information about their activities and to demonstrate some type of amateur radio mode, method, technology or experience. This will be an opportunity for the community to become aware of the many modes of operation of Radio Amateurs and view some of the preparations taking place by public service volunteers in the Ham radio community. Unlike Field day, or the typical swap meet, this is not a contest or race. It is a chance to experience modes of our hobby that you might have never seen. Or to show your friends and family what Amateur Radio is about.

GARS held it’s first TechFest on January 17, 1998.  We want to thank all the exhibitors and guests for their great participation each and every year over all the past years.


TechFest 2013 Informational Video (short)

TechFest 2012 Video (long)

TechFest 2010 Informational Video (long)



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